Photo: Melissa DeMarie

Photo: Melissa DeMarie

Photo: Melissa DeMarie

Photo: Melissa DeMarie

Private Coaching

I'm thrilled to work with paddlers one-on-one or in small groups to hone skills in a range of environments. Programs I offer privately:

  • Beginning Sea Kayaking (4 hours or 6 hours)

  • Intermediate Sea Kayaking (6 hours)

  • Advanced Sea Kayaking (6-8 hours): Open Coast, Surf Zone, Distance Paddling & Navigation, Rock Gardening

  • Beginning Surf Kayaking (3 hours)

  • Beginning Whitewater Kayaking (6 hours)

  • Beginning Whitewater Canoeing (6 hours)

  • The Kayak Roll (2-3 hours)

  • Modular skills: Rolling, bracing, stroke refinement, navigation, water reading, assisted rescues, self-rescues, towing, risk assessment, group management.

Skills + Guiding: Want to both learn skills and explore a new place? Let's design a mini-trip together! I love helping small groups and individuals apply learned skills on an overnight or mini-expedition. Tomales Bay is my preferred venue for these trips. 

Gear: If you have your own gear, that's great. If not, I'm happy to connect you with resources for quality gear rentals depending on our venue. 

Rates: Learning how to kayak or improving your skills shouldn't be cost-prohibitive. Let's work together to find a program and rate that works for you. 


Corporate & Team Building

Want to strengthen communication and trust among your team? I design a team-building programs around your group's interpersonal goals. Using new skills, drills, props, games, and problem-solving, we'll work together to explore patterns of communication, trust, and, most importantly, have fun outside together. 

Hear how NASA strengthens trust among astronauts using group problem-solving outdoors: