Let's Paddle!

I've kayaked for nearly 20 years and have over 10 years of coaching experience. I started in the Pacific Northwest and later honed my skills in southeast Alaska, coastal Georgia, North Carolina, and California. I'm currently an ACA-Certified Level 5 Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor and multi-craft paddler. I teach whitewater kayaking, canoeing, and kayak rolling in addition to a range of coastal kayaking skills.

I'm based in San Francisco and love exploring California’s dynamic and energetic coastline or dancing atop flowing whitewater rivers. Whether you're just getting started or ready to level-up your skills in more challenging conditions, I want to help you refine your goals and meet them. 

I'm honored to teach with the following companies and collectives:

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Coaching Philosophy

Enable Fun (Both Type I and II) - Gone are the days when we must depend on kayaks for hunting and travel. Now they are 100% vehicles of fun.  I believe students learn best when they’re inspired and naturally motivated to achieve; when they can see that the result of pushing oneself physically and mentally is pure joy.

Paddling & Personal Growth - When I reflect on instructors who impacted me the most,  the best lessons they imparted were ones I needed to learn both on and off the water. There’s something magical about how developing as a kayaker shines a light on your strengths and weaknesses in environments beyond kayaking. It’s all connected. As an instructor, I strive to remain aware of those connections between developing paddling-wise and personally and how to frame feedback in a way that implicitly or explicitly furthers both.

Balancing Risk vs Reward -  Developing your skills as a kayaker, you must explore the edges of your comfort zone in order to improve. I strive to find situations that encourage students to explore those edges (literally and figuratively). The constant balancing of risk versus reward is a skill unto itself. 

Planting Seeds for Autonomous Growth -  I believe in experimenting, challenge common knowledge, pushing self-imposed limits, and developing a keen sense of awareness. What works, what doesn’t, why isn’t it working, why does it work for them and not you? Try it and see what happens! Empiricism and a playful willingness to try something new is what will help both students and the entire sport progress in the long-run.  

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Certifications, Expeditions & Achievements


  • ACA Level 5 Advanced Open Coastal Kayaking Instructor

  • ACA Level 4 Whitewater Kayaking Instructor

  • ACA Level 3 River Canoeing Instructor

  • Swift Water Rescue Certified

  • Red Cross Association CPR & First Aid

Expeditions: Fearless Formosa

In spring of 2017, fellow coach and frequent collaborator, Kelly Marie Henry, and I embarked on a 6-week adventure in Taiwan in which we paddled the East Coast of the island nation. Learn More!


  • 2019 - Santa Cruz Paddlefest: 3rd Place Women’s Expert HP Surf Kayak

  • 2018 - Santa Cruz Paddlefest: 1st Place Women's Intermediate Surf Kayak

  • 2013 - Cal100 Endurance Race: 1st Place Kayak Relay

  • 2010 - Tybee Island Challenge: 1st Place Women's Sea Kayak, 7th Overall

  • 2009 - ACA Collegiate National Championships: 1st Womens Downriver Canoe